Welcome to South Africa

"I promis you, you gonna fall in love with this country.
South Africa is going to awake all your senses like nothing else
There will be a before and an after, trust me…"

South Africa is a piece of jewel of the African continent, with so many different areas that some people used to say that there is many countries in one.

South Africa counts around 53 millions of inhabitants using 11 different official langages

A world in one country:

South Africa offers so many possibilities for those who love nature, wildlife, open spaces, good food and delicious wines, wild coasts and of course unique private nature reserves where you can spot a large numbers of wild animals, including the Big Five.

You can mix safaris with the most stunning beaches on the coast. You can enjoy a braaï (South African typical Barbecue using wood) around the fire and taste some of the best wines in the world.

You can climb mountains or swim under wild waterfalls..

Everything is possible in South Africa

Private Natural Reserves and National Parks 

Lots of National Parks are available in South Africa, the most famous one and prestigious is the Kruger National Park. A Park of more than 2 millions scare, offering an abondant diversity of wildlife like the famous big fives (elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceros, buffalos) but also plenty of general game as zebras, giraffes, antelopes, honey badgers, hyenas, baboons, cheetahs, wild dogs, hippos…

Some private natural reserves are open to the Kruger without any fences so that animals can move around in and out. This is where I love to take my guests on safari.

You will get there an experience of an intimate safari, close to the nature and wildlife, staying at some of the most prestigious lodges of South Africa and with the best trackers you could find.


 THE destination for nature lovers

South Africa offers as well some stunning beaches with soft white sand and clear transparent water, like you can find in Cape Town. You will even see some Penguins swimming around you, and depending of the season some whales too, especially near Hermanus. For those who loves wine, South Africa is a little heaven, you have to try their Pinotage, Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Why choosing South Africa?

Because South Africa offers plenty of possibilities:

As I said, those who are looking for spending time in nature in the bush surrounded by wildlife will be definitely at the right place, those who are more looking for some relax  time and chill at the beach can do it too. Those who are looking for capturing some stunning images as a professional photographer or not, will have so many opportunities to practice and bring back home some stunning photographies.

On top of that, there is quite a lot of advantages by choosing to travel to South Africa to spend your holidays:

  • The diversity and abundance of the wildlife

  • An affordable price compared to other countries in Africa based on dollars

  • No jet lag for European as its almost the same hour (only +/- 1 h difference in winter time)

  • The possibility to mix safaris in the bush and beaches

  • Heaven for photographers

  • Access to the world famous Kruger National Park and the 3rd Biggest Canyon in the world

  • A country with a very good tourism infrastructure which offers high level of service

Where will I take you on safari?

My favorite spots

I have chosen to specialized myself in some very specific areas in South Africa I managed to find because based here and thanks to all my local friends. I have been exploring those areas since  quite a while now so I know exactly where I can offer the best experiences to my guests. Surprising you by taking you in some very hidden places, very intimate and offering the best level of service.

Thanks to my network build in the area, I can offer you some truly out of the box experiences and have some completely exclusive access to, which all put together will blow your mind.

The Greater Kruger

The Greater Kruger area, including the Kruger National Park, offer some breathtaking landscapes where you can enjoy just by yourself, in a open 4×4 game viewer and with your expert guide ( talking both english and french) and trackers, a beautiful sunset and sundowner in the middle of the bush without anyone else around you.. Why not as well having dinner under the stars around a fire listening to all the stories and experiences from your guide.

The Panoramique Route

Another jewel of this area is the Panorama Route and the Blyde Canyon, which is the 3rd worldwide biggest canyon after those from America and from Namibia. The view is breathtaking there, and it’s a great place to visit when traveling with your family or friends and so romantic for couples too.

Cape Town, the perfect mix to the bush

Finally, for those who want to combine adventures and actions in the bush with some chill times at the beach in a place which have been elected not too long ago the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town will be the spot to go.

You can get there so easily by direct flight from the bush.

The energy provided  by Cape Town is endless: beaches, mountain, world famous centuries-old vineyards such as Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

I will be happy to create a tailor made safari for you including some nights spent in Cape Town, to make your trip even more exceptional.






What if I take you to my favorites little hidden paradise in the middle of the bush..

The private natural reserves, the lodges and some very out of the box places that I have managed to find years after years, spending so many time exploring the area and meeting inspiring and experienced people.

My network allows me to take you sometimes in places which are not even open to the public, offering you the possibility to spend some very quality and exclusive time

with the people you love.





Is here for all the nature lovers who are looking for authentic and intimate experiences in some of the most stunning places of South Africa, and contributing to wildlife conservation.

If you want to explore Africa in a different way, with respect of the wilderness, to get out of your comfort zone and to reconnect with yourself,

then you are at the right place.


If you are looking for a safari offering activities like walking with lions or elephants

(which are definitely not wild anymore)

Taking selfies with lion cubs or other animal which is supposed to belong to the African wilderness

Then you are definitely not at the right place!

Wild animals need to stay wild They need to have space and we need to struggle to find them, Nobody on earth car garantie you that you will see the Big five while on safari

(unless you are doing it in a small fenced reserve with staff tracking the animals

on the radio before you even start your drive).

This is clearly not the philosophy of INTO MY WILD AFRICA


You go out on a drive without knowing how to expect, being completely focused on every signe mouvements in the bush, listening to the infirmations shared by your guide you is reading the tracks on the ground, listening to the birds who could help you find something, and when you get to see an animal,

Then you can appreciate it even better and understand their behavior and why we managed to find them…

This is the philosophy of INTO MY WILD AFRICA.

For all of you who

  • Are passionate about wildlife and photography

  • Are passionate about nature and open landscapes

  • Are looking for a city detox and a reconnection with essentials

  • Are looking for recreating that bond among your family

  • Are looking for a honey moon destination or who want to propose

  • Are passionate about bush walks and focusing on all the tiny things in nature

  • Are looking for some good times around a fire after a game drive

  • Are passionate about stars and want to see the milky way

  • Are looking to celebrate any event in a different way and be surprised

  • Are wine lovers and want to taste some iconic South African wine while enjoying the sunset in the middle of the bush

South Africa is definitely the right place for you and choosing us is the right decision to make sure

this trip is more than just a trip but a whole experience


All you need to know to prepare your trip to South Africa...